bookish apothecary has been my little dream since the beginning of 2019.  There have been many changes along the way and many more to come. 

Due to my work schedule and growing pains (hello wholesale) I can no longer attend in person events.  This means I am missing out on seeing and connecting with so many of you!  However, these constraints aren't going to change any time soon.

Social media only goes so far.  Some prefer Instagram while others prefer Facebook. I spread myself too thin trying to update across all platforms. I struggle with how many emails are too many with newsletter subscribers. One particular company was sending me an email and/or text EVERY day.  Guess what I did? Unsubscribed.

As an avid reader I need to be nerdy with other book lovers.  As a soap maker I want to share my creations. I want to connect with you and get your thoughts, insights and opinions on all things bookish.  

I will continue to post pretty pictures on Instagram and Facebook, but not daily.  I will occasionally be posting some unwrapping reels on Instagram and Youtube (oh yeah, I do that too).  The newsletters will continue as they have been.  

But the majority of content will be moving to the bookish apothecary Patreon.  There will be content for those who don't subscribe as paying members.  Longer format soap making videos will be for patrons. 

One of the perks of being a small business owner should be in actually connecting with customers/like minded people. I will no longer count my success in the number of hearts collected. Instead, I will focus on the reason bookish apothecary has lasted this long: you.

Let's create a community that involves more than a thumbs up or doom scrolling. Maybe a book club?  Book discussions?  Soap videos?  It's a work in progress.  But we can create it together.  



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