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(bell tinkles as if a door has opened)

Welcome to bookish apothecary! My name is Casandra. I am the proprietor/creator of the soaps and sundries that are, and will, be found here.

Feel free to ask questions (you can do that by clicking Contact and picking your preference. You may want to check out the FAQ's to see if it has been asked or if I have anticipated a question.

Future soap scents can be found On the Shelf. This is soap that is currently made but not available due to curing time.

There are more products in development (like bath bombs and perfume oils). 

If you follow bookish apothecary on Instagram or Facebook (and you should because it's a good way to find out about upcoming products and snag a coupon code), then you know that on Earth Day it was announced that the soaps will be going Palm Oil free. I am currently using up the last bit because I don't want to waste it.  The Palm Oil will be replaced predominately with Shea butter! 

I have been using the same recipe since I first created and tweaked it years ago. So this is exciting!  

Alright. I've kept you long enough. Go have a look around the shop. It was so nice of you to stop by.