About bookish apothecary

Things I can’t do:  eat fire, bathe a cat, leap tall buildings in a single bound, word problems (example: If train A  is traveling at 85 mph…), bake homemade cookies, swallow swords, ice skate, charm a snake, or give up chocolate.  The list is actually longer than this but really, there’s no need to put all my faults out there for everyone to read.  Not that I’ve tried all of these things but it’s best not to ask me to attempt any of these endeavors as doing so may cause me to self implode.

Things I think I can do:  sing Aerosmith (or anything really), set the time display on a DVD player (is this still a thing?), become a good role model for children of all ages, ride a bike, and make a paper airplane that flies.  There are those in my life that would disagree.  Again, the list is probably longer…

Things that I can do:  make small batches of awesome soap. Sometimes I show my nerdy side and do a collection inspired by things I read, watch, listen to, or just like. Other times I just let the fragrance muses speak to me.

See for yourself!  Enter… Meander amongst my wares… Don’t be shy… Check back often… Who knows what my curiosity and imagination may produce!

(Relax... I promise not to send any of my homemade cookies as a sample.)

All of the products that are offered here at bookish apothecary are created by me in small batch quantities to ensure quality.  I've been making soap since 2010. I took a hiatus as all things life got in the way. I always knew I would return to making soap! I'm back to hone my craft and provide some skin loving goodies along the way.