book review: Godkiller & Sunbringer by Hannah Kaner

book review: Godkiller & Sunbringer by Hannah Kaner

A godkiller, a knight, a young girl, and a god of white lies walk into a bar... what could go wrong? 

The Fallen Gods trilogy is fantasy with vibes that hearken back to Tolkien. The  characters are well developed, flawed and believable. I'm completely invested in each of the four main characters.  The world she creates is immersive, inclusive, and rich.

The Fallen Gods trilogy is hands down one of my favorites. While I wait for the third installment, I'll be perfecting my breadmaking skills so Elo has no reason to critique my crust.

Also, Godkiller is Hanna Kaner's debut novel!  She came out swinging and I  look forward to reading future books. 

Will there be a soap inspired by this one?  It's in the planning stages now.

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