Here you will find frequently asked questions.

  • Why handmade soap? Handmade soap is actual soap. Unlike the so-called soap that you have generally purchased at a big box store, which contain detergents. Those so-called soaps have had the glycerin stripped and detergents added to increase the lathering qualities.  Those added detergents are drying to your skin. Handmade soap retains the natural glycerin created during the saponification process. Instead of detergents, certain oils are employed to both create lathering and cleansing properties.
  • Do you test on animals? I currently reside in a two bedroom apartment. I have stated that I make soap in a closet. Really, it is a small kitchen. I have no clue where I would put large quantities of animals to test my products. I have one very rambunctious Australian Shepherd. He isn't holding still long enough for anything like that. I test the products on myself, my husband, and willing participants who can give verbal consent. So... NO.
  • Does your soap contain Detergents? Parabens? Phthlates? NO.
  • Does your soap contain Lye? Sodium Hydroxide, or lye, is used to make soap. Through saponification, the lye converts the oils into salt. No lye remains. So... NO.
  • What do you mean when you say curing the soap? Curing the soap is allowing the water to evaporate so that the bar becomes harder. I allow a six week minimum cure time. Because humidity is no joke in Florida.
  • Do you take special requests? Yes, I love to make everyone's fragrance dreams come true. Send a request for a scent you would love to have.
  • Do you do wholesale? Yes. Send a request and we will work out the details. 
  • Have I missed anything? Probably.