Collector's Editions

Collector's Editions

I'm excited to share that the March release is bringing new online exclusive scents

These scents are so amazing that my initial reaction was to keep them all for myself. But then I remembered that I can always make more and these scents deserve to be shared so that you can share my obsession. 

They have been minimally designed so I can explore creating beautiful custom colors (a new fixation).  I am currently loving the elegance of a solid color bar of soap. Will I stop making the fancy multicolored bars? Heck no.  I love that too.

Wait... aren't all the soaps online exclusives? Nope.  Many of the soaps can be found at our stockists. Collector's Editions will exclusively be found online.

Meet the Collector's Editions:


Brontë is a beautiful soft floral tinged with melancholy and full of yearning.


Aesop is like walking on a path of damp earth in a cypress forest. Your cape, smelling faintly of clove, is pulled snuggly around you on this chilly morning.

Aesop Handmade Soap a deep green soap A blend of cypress, chilled ozone, damp earth, and warm clove.


Slow Burn is the build up of anticipation when two book characters are obviously meant to be together but they are in deep denial.  

Slow Burn Handmade Soap five orange soaps scented with pomegranate, rose and chili pepper.


Crooked Lane is somehow the nostalgic smell of stepping into a library filled with antique books but there is not one whiff of leather to be found.

Crooked Lane Handmade soap five golden bars patchouli, spiced honey, lemon sugar, roasted cocoa, sandalwood and vanilla.

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