Welcome to the Anthology!

Welcome to the Anthology!

Salutations!  Come in.  Have a browse and a sniff.  Welcome to behind the scenes of bookish apothecary.  My name is Casandra, creator of handmade soaps and book nerd. Maybe that should read:  book nerd and creator of handmade soaps.  The nerdiness definitely came first.

I've been making soap for over twenty years and reading for over twice that amount.  Now you have a guesstimate of my age.  But we don't focus on numbers here.  Unless its the number of pages in a book and then we can definitely discuss if said number of page was actually necessary.

This will be a collection containing an assortment of musings.  I'll share about the inspiration behind the soaps, more of the creative process, and also about some of my latest reads.  

Clearly I have a love for words, but I will keep this introduction short. Welcome to the Anthology!


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